The Poppulo API is REST-based, and is accessible by any client software capable of making HTTP requests. Resources are identified by URIs, and represented by XML documents. Within representations, link elements allow navigation to related resources.

Getting Started

To use our API, you must have an account on our system. Please contact our Support Team to enable the Poppulo API on your account. You will also need API users. As part of preparing your account for our API, one or more API users will be created for you.

API Version

This document introduces version 2 of the Poppulo API. Version 1 is no longer available for new integrations.

All URIs include a reference to the version number. Client software is therefore explicitly linked to a specific version of the API. Future versions of the API are not guaranteed to be backward-compatible, however at least two versions of the API will always be supported.

You can browse the API by pointing any web browser at and logging in with any API User credentials.


The API is based on the HTTP protocol, and uses the core HTTP methods to interact with resources, i.e. GET, PUT, POST, and DELETE. In general, to retrieve a representation, use GET; to update a resource, PUT a modified representation to its URI; and to create a new resource, POST a representation to the containing collection URI.

Create and update calls (i.e. PUT and POST requests) may be accompanied by a partial resource representation, so that only those aspects of the resource to be modified need to be included.

Get and delete calls do not require you to submit any XML.

To access the API using a custom program, you must build valid requests.


If you are having difficulty with the documentation, or you believe you have encountered a problem in our system, please do not hesitate to report it!

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