This is a Subscriber in our system. Subscribers are the recipients of emails in our system. Please see our Subscriber Overview for a more detailed description.


Field name Description Type/Allowed values
status The subscriber's status Enumeration of ACTIVE, INACTIVE, OPT_OUT
email The subscriber's email address Email
date_created Timestamp from when subscriber was created Date
source Indicates where the subscriber originated from (e.g. "website", "self-subscriber") Text
mail_format The subscriber's preferred way to receive email Enumeration of TEXT, HTML, blank (i.e. unspecified)
salutation Subscriber's title (e.g. Mr, Ms, etc). Text
first_name Subscriber's first name Text
middle_name Subscriber's middle name Text
surname Subscriber's last name Text
company Subscriber's company Text
position_company Subscriber's job in their company Text
phone_number Subscriber's phone number Phone Number
fax_number Subscriber's fax number Phone Number
address_1 First line of subscriber's address Text
address_2 Second line of subscriber's address Text
address_3 Third line of subscriber's address Text
city The city the subscriber lives in Text
postal_code The subscriber's post code Text
county_state The state or county the subscriber lives in Text
country The country the subscriber lives in Country
custom_fields A list of custom field values the subscriber has Tag list (custom_field)
custom_field A custom field value the subscriber has Depends on the type of the custom field
personal_details 1 A collection of several fields regarding the subscriber Personal Details

Personal Details 1

Field name Description Type/Allowed values
preferred_name Subscriber's preferred name Text
gender Subscriber's gender Male/Female
employee_id Subscriber's employee ID Text
date_of_birth Subscriber's date of birth Date
employee_start_date Subscriber's start date at this company Date


<subscriber date_modified="2012-01-17T10:32:11Z" uri="">
        title="Edit: Subscriber (1dc0ag2floc)"/>
        title="Subscriber (1dc0ag2floc) Tags"/>
        title="Subscriber (1dc0ag2floc) Topics"/>
        title="Subscriber (1dc0ag2floc) Sections"/>
        title="Subscriber (1dc0ag2floc) Permissions"/>
        title="Subscriber (1dc0ag2floc) Reviewer Groups"/>
    <city>New York</city>
    <company>Acme, Inc.</company>
    <country>United States of America</country>
    <address1>123 Fake Street</address1>
    <address2>Fiction Road</address2>
    <fax_number>555 12345 99</fax_number>
    <phone_number>555 12345 88</phone_number>
    <county_state>New York</county_state>

See calls:

1. Personal Details are only present for subscribers in Internal Communications accounts (product names in Notessa "Poppulo Essentials" / "Poppulo Pro"), not in Marketing accounts (Product Names: "Customer Connect", "Customer Connect Lite").

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