Subscriber Import

This is a Subscriber Import. It is the result of submitting a Subscriber Import Job entity. It contains information about how the import was specified, and also the results of the import. The import has a status attribute, indicating if it is ongoing or finished.

Imports in progress

The import will have the status attribute set to IN_PROGRESS in this state. The progress sub-tag of this entity is output while the import is running. The information here can be used to build a progress bar. The ping_after field represents the time you should wait before polling again. Failing to observe this recommendation can result in rate limiting responses being returned.

Completed imports

Imports that complete successfully will have COMPLETED as their status attribute. Not all records need to be successful for an import to be considered to complete successfully

Cancelled imports

Imports can be cancelled using the Poppulo Web Application. Please note that there is no way to cancel an import using this API. Imports will have a status of CANCELLED in this case.

Error imports

If a fatal error occurred before the import could begin processing subscribers, the import will end in this state. The status will be ERROR.


Name Description Type
created The date the corresponding import job was submitted Date
status The status of the import, as described above Enumeration of IN_PROGRESS, COMPLETED, ERROR, CANCELLED

Organisational Elements

A subscriber import is made up of three important sub-elements.

The progress element is output when status is IN_PROGRESS.

Progress Fields

Field name Description Type/Allowed values
total_records The number of subscriber records in the import Number
records_processed The number of records that have been processed so far Number
ping_after The next time the client should request the current import state Date

The results element is output when status is COMPLETED, CANCELLED or ERROR.

Results Fields

Field name Description Type/Allowed values
total_records The number of subscriber records in the import Number
new_subscribers The number of subscriber records added during this import Number
updated_subscribers The number of subscriber records updated during this import Number
invalid_subscribers The number of subscriber records rejected during this import, typically due to validation failures Number
duplicate_subscribers The number of subscriber records skipped because the email address had already been processed earlier in this import Number
previously_opted_out The number of subscriber records skipped because the subscriber indicates they no longer wish to receive emails Number
invalid_subscribers A link to the call to obtain a CSV file with the subscribers who were not imported (see related calls below) Link

The specification element is always output. The meaning of the tags is identical to those in the Subscriber Import Job Entity. The only difference is the contents of the data is omitted.


Import in Progress:

    <subscriber_import created="datetime" status="IN_PROGRESS" uri="">
            <set_field name="source">website</set_field>
            <permission name="Newsletter Permission" />
            <permission name="Flyer Permission" />
            <permission name="Old Permission" />
            <permission name="Outdated Permission" />
            <tag name="Website Subscribers" />
            <tag name="API Subscribers" />
            <columns>email,name.first name,name.surname</columns>

Completed Import:

5000 1300 4000 100 200 400 true true true true false website email,name.first name,name.surname true comma

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