Please note that profile sections are deprecated, and have been replaced by Topics. Display sections are not deprecated.

Sections serve a dual purpose in Poppulo. They can be used to group content in the display area, in which case they are called "display" sections. They can also be used to indicate that a subscriber is interested in the content of a particular section, in which case they are called "profile" sections.

An example of a display section is "featured articles", which might be displayed in a prominent position in the email. In contrast, "sidebar" articles might be displayed in a more minimal form in the email.

An example of profile section might be "Latest Products" and "Jobs". Poppulo's system can dynamically tailor the email to individual subscriber's perferences, and such articles will be shown or hidden depending on which sections the subscriber has indicated interest in.

Some sections might be both display and profile sections. In the above example, "Jobs" articles might be grouped together in the content, as well as being something a subscriber can express an interest in seeing. In the case the subscriber has no interest in these articles, the group will not appear.

Sections are associated with one or more publications.


Field name Description Type/Allowed values
is_display Indicates if the section is a "display" section Boolean
is_profile Indicates if the section is a "profile" section Boolean
name The sections's internal name Text
display_title The section's name as visible to a subscriber in the content of an email Text


<section is_display="true" is_profile="false" uri="">
    <name>Feature Story</name>
    <display_title>Feature Story</display_title>

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