This is a Publication in our system. It is the basic unit of our system, a subscriber receives emails from one or more publications. Publications can contain a mix of content i.e. both Flyers and Newsletters. Flyers tend to be simple emails, whereas Newsletters contain articles and tend to be much more complex.


Field name Description Type/Allowed values
code Publication code. Can be used to lookup publication. Forms part of our Microsite technology. Short Code
name The name of this publication. Text
category1 Indicates whether a publication is a flyer or a newsletter. Enumeration of Newsletter, Flyer
description A description of the purpose of the publication Text


<publication code="newsletter" uri="">
        title="Publication (63795) Issues"/>
        title="Publication (63795) Sections"/>
    <description>This is a Newsletter.</description>

See calls:

1. This functionality is deprecated and may not be available to you.

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