An issue is a grouping of the content that could be included in a given email. A simple example might be an announcment, where there is a single piece of content delivered directly in the inbox. A more complex example is a Newletter, where an issue may contain many articles, surveys, etc. Some of this content might be present directly in the inbox while yet more might reside on the microsite. Other content might be conditionally delivered to segments of the reader base, depending on their preferences.


Field name Description Type/Allowed values
title A name for this issue. This is for your own use, your subscribers will not see this value. Text
approval_status Draft means the issue is still being prepared and tested. Approved indicates that the issue is ready to be sent to subscribers Enumeration of Approved and Draft
type The type of issue, only used in issue creation Enumeration of NEWSLETTER and FLYER
display_date The intended date that the issue will be published on. It can be referred to in the content or template. Date
display_title The public title for this issue. Text
description A description of this issue. Text
template An internal identifier of the template to use. Please copy this value forward from an existing issue. Opaque Identifier
published_url The URL of this issue, if it has been published. This is read-only. URL
properties/property/value A property is an editable field or value. Sometimes properties can be pieces of content, other times they allow you to change how the template looks. The property name and type are. Text


<issue uri="">
    <link href="" rel="edit" title="Edit: Issue (123)"/>
    <title>June Newsletter</title>
        <property name="Useful links" type="RICHTEXT">
                &lt;a href="[@cover_page_link /]"&gt;Cover Page &gt;&gt;&lt;/a&gt;&lt;br /&gt; &lt;a href="[@generic_page_link templatePageOriginalId=12345 /]"&gt;Print All &gt;&gt;&lt;/a&gt;&lt;br /&gt; &lt;a href="[@generic_page_link templatePageOriginalId=67890 pdf=true /]"&gt;PDF Version &gt;&gt;&lt;/a&gt;
    <link href="" rel="" title="Issue (123) Articles"/>
    <link href="" rel="" title="Issue (123) Mailings"/>
    <link href="" rel="" title="Issue (123) Preview"/>
    <link href="" rel="" title="Publication (456)"/>

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