This is a Account in our system. Accounts are shared data between users. Every object in our system is associated with an account. As the "entry point" into our API, viewing an account gives little useful data, but a very handy list of links you can follow to browse all areas of your account. From the API developers perspective, the account code is a key part of our API. It is included as part of all other URLs.


Field name Description Type/Allowed values
code Account code. Can be used to lookup account. Used in general as part of the URL for all other calls. Forms part of our Microsite technology. Short Code
name Account name. Text


<account code="example-account" uri="">
    <link href="" rel="" title="Tags"/>
    <link href="" rel="" title="Topics"/>
    <link href="" rel="" title="Mailings"/>
    <link href="" rel="" title="Permissions"/>
    <link href="" rel="" title="Subscribers"/>
    <link href="" rel="" title="Publications"/>
    <link href="" rel="" title="Activity Sync"/>
    <link href="" rel="" title="Reviewer_groups"/>
    <link href="" rel="" title="Subscriber_imports"/>
    <name>Example Account</name>


The set of links presented depend on the permissions you have.

See calls:

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