Subscriber Synchronisation

A common task in our API is to automate the sychronisation of subscribers. There are two main use cases.

Interactive or Online Synchronisation

This use case might be where there is an area in your website a member can visit to view information about their "account" with you. It would include the ability for the member to subscribe to your newsletter, and change their subscription options. The changes must be applied in real-time. Please see Interactive Synchronisation for a full description of how this would be achieved using the Poppulo system.

Periodic Batch Synchronisation

This use case is where you have a HR or CRM system of some kind. The updated subscriber data finds its way into this system (e.g. through a web portal like above, or via phone contact with customer support agents, etc). There would be a nightly process that looks for changes in the HR or CRM system and updates Poppulo's system to reflect these changes. It might also synchronise certain activity that occurred in Poppulo (e.g. Bounces, Unsubscribes, etc). Please see Periodic Synchronisation for an overview of how this would be implemented.

Maintaining Tag membership

You may wish to maintain Tags in Poppulo, for example you might wish to represent the Distribution Lists availble inside your organisation in Poppulo. Please see Tag Synchronisation for more information.

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