Update Subscriber

Name Description
URL https://api.newsweaver.com/v2/{account code}/subscriber/{subscriber email}
https://api.newsweaver.com/v2/{account code}/subscriber/{subscriber identifier}
Query Parameters N/A
Request representation Subscriber Entity
Response representation Status Entity
Success Response Code 200 Ok


This call supports ETags with the If-Match header for optimistic concurrency control.


  • 403 - Forbidden if API user doesn't have WRITE access to SUBSCRIBERS
  • 404 - Not found error if the email or subscriber identifier does not exist
  • 409 - Conflict error if the subscriber isn't valid (e.g. email does not match a valid email pattern)
  • 412 - Precondition failed error if an ETag provided with the If-Match header is not matching
  • Common errors (user/account authentication errors, API usage limit errors)

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