List Publications

Name Description
URL{account code}/publications
Query Parameters Yes
Request representation N/A
Response representation Publication List
Success Response Code 200 Ok
Name Allowed Values Description Default
category1 newsletter
Filter the list by publication type all
permission [name of a permission] Restrict to publications associated with this permission N/A
fields [comma separated list of field names] Used to restrict the size of the XML returned by omitting unnecessary fields name
order_asc code
Sort the list in ascending order by the given field N/A
order_desc code
Sort the list in descending order by the given field N/A


  • 403 - Forbidden if API user doesn't have READ access to PUBLICATIONS
  • Common errors (user/account authentication errors, API usage limit errors)

Other notes:

  • This list is filtered based on what publications the API user can see. Ensure your API user has a role in each relevant publication.
  • Using order_asc and order_desc together is undefined.
  • You cannot sort by multiple fields.

Example: GET

<publications total="2" uri="">
    <publication code="newsletter" uri="">
        <description>This is a Newsletter.</description>
    <publication code="seasonalcard" uri="">
        <name>Seasonal Card</name>
1. This functionality is deprecated and may not be available to you.

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