Issue Reporting

Like any complex software, our system may contain bugs, or there may be inconsistencies between the documentation and the actual system.

If you believe you have found an issue with our API or documentation, please report it to our Support Team. We will work with you to identify and correct any issues in a timely fashion, and provide work-arounds where possible. Even if it is just the documentation being unclear or inconsistent, please let us know.

Reporting checklist

The most important part of reporting an issue is fully describing the situation. A check list of things to include are:

  • The user and account in question.
  • The call or sequence of calls being attempted.
  • The URL and query parameters being used.
  • The XML being submitted.
  • The headers being sent1.
  • The XML being returned.
  • The headers being returned.
  • The approximate time of the problematic request.
  • If possible, a minimal program source1 demonstrating the problem.

When your application is in production, we recommend logging as much of this information as possible in the event of an error.

1. The password used for authentication should be obfuscated. We do not require your password. Remember that HTTP Basic authentication headers can be trivially reversed.

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